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Hey love birds! With Valentines Day just one week away I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to all you lovers out there. When you think of a couples shoot, do you think that they are only for newly engaged couples and wedding days? Well friend, think again! I truly believe that every couple, no matter what stage of life, can and should invest in a couples photoshoot. Who says that newly engaged couples should have all the fun anyway?

I always try to sneak in a solo photo or two of Mom and Dad at every family session that I have, and you know what of them has said to me? That they haven't had photos done of just the two of them since their wedding day! Our social culture has led us to believe that once you get married and have children, that the romance takes a back seat. I am a true believer that every love story is special and should be celebrated, and if you ask me these romantic shots shouldn't end after you walk down the isle. Wether you're young and in love, dating, engaged, newlyweds, married for 5 years, or married for 50 years, theres no reason not to have a whole photoshoot dedicated to celebrating your love. Keep reading, I'm about to convince you why.

First and most importantly ~ Quality time!

This day in age, we're all so busy with the day to day hustle that we often find ourselves realizing that we haven't spent as much quality time with our partner as we once did. Work, kids, housework, and every day crap often tends to distract us from spending quality time with those we love the most. Plus who doesn't love the opportunity for a good date? Toss out the boring same old same old dinner and a move idea and book a couples photoshoot to mix things up a bit. A photoshoot can be a great way to escape from your every day life and get out and do something special and fun with your lover. Photoshoots are a commitment to spending an hour uninterrupted without distractions, together as a couple celebrating your love. My photoshoots have couples kissing, snuggling, hugging, whispering sweet nothings into each others ears, and prompts to provoke lots and lots of laughter. I'll often have my couples grabbing their partners butt and kissing each others necks, so believe me when I say the romance will be re-sparked in our shoot together. You can add a picnic to your shoot or make a whole night out of it and take your Bae out for dinner and late night cocktails after the session. A photoshoot can be the beginning of an all-time favorite date together.

Bonus tip: Make it a gift! Photoshoots make the perfect anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentines, or just because gifts. A couples shoot tells your S.O. just how much you cherish your love for one another and will show them that you want to capture that love to look back on for a lifetime, leaving your partner totally wowed by your thoughtfulness.

Your photos together are likely outdated

Depending on how long you've been together and where you are in your relationship, the photos you currently have with each other are likely outdated. Or lets be honest, only taken by a cell phone and some stranger who doesn't give a s**t how the pic turns out. You guys deserve to have beautiful professional photos to show off your love. Your love grows as you grow; when you move in together, your love changes, when you get married, your love grows, when you have children, your love deepens. Its inevitable that your love will develop as your relationship does, and thats something that shouldn't be ignored. When you look at photos taken on your wedding day vs. photos taken on your 5 year anniversary, the way you look at one another will change, and thats a beautiful thing to be able to see. Again, don't let your wedding day be the last day you have professional photos taken together. Your love deserves to be celebrated and displayed!

This phase of life is special ~ cherish it!

See that couple right there (photo above)? That's my Dad and his girlfriend of three years. My Mom and Dad were married for a long long time & had 5 beautiful children together before realizing that they were no longer right for each other. Shortly after my Dad met his vibrant, spunky, and adventurous girlfriend and they quickly fell in love. I don't care where you are in your life. You could have just said I love your for the first time, you could have just had your first child together, you could be newly engaged, just moved in together, or celebrating your 1 month anniversary. You can be 20 years old or 70 years old. Same sex couple or a heterosexual couple. It does not matter. My Dad celebrated his love for this special lady in the most beautiful way. Love is a beautiful thing, capture that time, freeze it, cherish it.

These photos will last a lifetime

When you've made it to being old and gray sitting in a rocking chair on your front porch with the one you've chosen to grow old with, you'll want to look back on the phases of life you've lived through together. You'll want to look back at more than just cell phone selfies with forced smiles. A good couples photographer will see that love and translate it into images you'll be able to reflect back on and feel those emotions years down the line. Don't take this opportunity for granted.

Bonus tip: Move the photoshoot into your home for a more personal and intimate experience. Think making out with your babe on your kitchen counter...have I convinced you yet?

I literally can not think of a reason that love in any stage or of any kind shouldn't be celebrated and I promise you that once you you and your partner view your sultry gallery of images you'll look at your love with fresh eyes. Every couple is beautiful. Every love story is unique. Every one of them deserve to be cherished.

Happy Valentine's Day lovers.



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