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What to expect when you book a full family session with me. |Chester county Photographer|

Choosing a photographer is a personal experience. They are someone you are trusting with your investment in both a monetary form and in an energetic form. You are trusting them to ensure that you feel comfortable, that they capture your family's connection artistically, and that they provide you with a beautiful experience from the very first email to your gallery delivery. Every photographer is unique and each one will provide you with very different images using their artistic vision, their photography approach, and their individual personality. It can feel overwhelming when there are so many photographers out there to choose from, and how do you really know what you can expect when you choose to book someone?

Thats what this blog post is all about. It's a little bit about what you can expect from a session with me, but it's mostly images (because I feel that they speak for themselves). To help give you a better idea of what a family session looks like when you book with me, I've attached a link to a full session gallery for you to view. This was a real session and every single image you see was included in the families gallery for them to print, share, and download as the please.

I hope you'll enjoy the images and truly see the vision I have for your family.

First, how can you expect your session to go?

Every shoot with me begins with a few minutes of chatting with you once you arrive on session. I get down on your child(ren)'s level and introduce myself to them and spend a moment talking with them. I'll explain to him/her what were going to be doing and let them know that were going to have lots of fun!

Once we've all gotten to know each other a bit, it's then time to begin shooting. I love starting with a simple and more traditional pose just to get everyone used to being in front of the camera. This is where I'll snag "The holiday card photo" (where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling). It's easy, it's expected, and the youngest ones are usually more willing to oblige.

After that I'll tell you 2 things.

  1. Don't look at me unless I ask you to

  2. Always be touching someone

Yup, you read that right. I actually ask you not to look at me unless I ask you to. That means no standing in front of the camera and holding a forced smile for the rest of the session with me. I aim to capture connection.

Breathing in your babies.




embracing in a hug.



hand holding.

We spend the rest of the session doing just that. I'll provide you with a loose set of "posing" and prompt you by saying things like "kiss your sweet baby" "breathe her in" "whisper in Mommies ear something that you love about her."

That's really it.

I set the scene.

You connect.

I photograph it.

Sessions with me are laid back, fun, and honestly...easy. I've had experiences myself where a photoshoot just felt so awkward and uncomfortable and the images looked exactly like that. They didn't represent our family authentically. So, I've made it my goal to make sure that you'll never have that experience with me.

Let's get to the images, shall we?

As promised, attached below you'll find a link to a families full gallery.

Every image is delivered in both color and black and white and every image is for you to have.

So, please enjoy <3

(*please not that Vibes Photography has been changed to Stephanie Vaccaro photography*)



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