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What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle Newborn Photography. I'm sure you've heard the term before, and if you're planning to have photos taken of your newborn you've likely been searching the term on Google to see what all the hype is about. The truth is that "Lifestyle Newborn" is just a blanket term photographers use, but every photographer does it a little differently. I'm here to tell you how I do it and why I think it's the most beautiful and authentic way to capture this precious phase of your life.

These sessions take place in your home.

I adore in home photos. Being in your own home adds an extra layer of intimacy and connection. Home is where you're most comfortable, where you are at ease, where your family will grow up together, and were memories will be shared. When you look back on these images you'll be able to remember all the little details of what life looked like when you first brought home your new baby. There really is no place like home [Dorthy said it best] and I personally think your home is the most beautiful backdrop for this style of photography, creating warm, connected, and authentic images you'll cherish for a lifetime.

If you're anything like me, you may be picturing all the piles of laundry thrown across your room, the dresser that hasn't been dusted in far too long, the fingerprints on the windows, or the pile of dishes in your sink. I want you to really hear this part, it's ok! There is absolutely no need to stress yourself out with cleaning your home before our session. You should be focusing all of your time and energy on your growing family. We can quickly and easily move things out of the way if need be, but again we're capturing life as it is right now, so even with a little clutter, its just part of your story. All you need is one good window, thats it.

No fussy and difficult props necessary

In my opinion, babies don't belong in baskets, or moon shaped bins, they belong in their parents arms, and in my newborn sessions, thats exactly where they will stay. I think your beautiful new baby is perfect just as she is. There is something thats just so beautiful about the way a newborn lays on her own. They way her hands cup her face, how her little toes stretch all the way out, or the way her wrinkles line her little back. Theres something so intimate about a Mama or Daddy cradling their littlest love or a sibling snuggling their new baby. I aim to capture connection, love, protection, and every other emotion that comes in this new chapter.

Let's talk about baby led posing

Remember when I said no props? I also won't be forcing your baby into uncomfortable and unnatural poses. I hope you're starting to notice a theme here....simple & natural is what lifestyle photography is all about for me. While I will help your baby rest into comfortable positions that are flattering on camera, I won't turn them into a human pretzel and upset them. My poses are SIMPLE and allows your baby to rest comfortably and move as they naturally would. I just set up the scene and click away.

That means that the littlest member of your family gets to call all the shots. If he wants to eat, we take a break for him to eat, if he's wide awake ill capture those beautiful baby blues, if he sleeps the whole time thats beautiful too. If he wants to be held the whole time, again it's ok.

Details, details, details

It's the little details for me. ⁠⠀

It’s the way that Mom hold's her little hand & the way she fits in Dad's arms. The way Mom caresses her little foot as she nurses, and the toes...we all know the toes are what gets us.⁠⠀


Babies don't keep & that's why its so important to me to capture every last detail. I definitely tend to "over deliver" on is aspect, but its because these little details will be gone before you know it, so I make it a priority in my shoots to capture every last one.

No pressure

Mama, you just did an incredible thing, you grew and birthed a human life, you're healing and adjusting to this new role. You deserve to capture and celebrate this incredible accomplishment, but you don't deserve to feel stressed about it. Lifestyle newborn photography is stress free. It honors what you've done. It allows you to just breathe and know that no matter what happens during your shoot, that it will be ok. There is absolutely no stress allowed and no pressure to force the baby to sleep while holding a froggy pose dressed up as a bunny rabbit. We simply capture how beautiful your life is, right now. However it unfolds, it is beautiful.

So lets wrap this up, shall we?

I hope you now understand that newborn photoshoots can be laid back and enjoyable. I won't be coming into your home with lighting equipment, wardrobe selections, baskets, buckets, rugs, props, and unanimous animal costumes. I won't shush your baby to sleep when all they want to do is eat and be held, I won't beg your other kids to sit still and smile with their new baby sibling. I simply come into your home and with a little guidance, help capture these beautiful fleeting moments in your life.

That's is. Simple. Natural. Authentic. Connected.

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