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4 Reasons To Book Your Fall Photos This Summer. |Chester Country Photographer|

While you're enjoying your time by the pool, the smell of the ocean, and soaking up every bit of summer, you photographer tries to get you to book a fall photoshoot...right in the middle of summer. I know, I know, I get feels like summer just begun and the last thing you want to do is think about it coming to an end. So why now? Why is your photographer ruining your summer vibes and trying to get you to book a Fall session months in advance?

I promise you that there is a method to our madness and you'll end up thanking me later that you got this out of the way right now! Don't worry, I'll explain...keep reading to learn the 4 reasons why I want you to schedule your fall session right now, in the midst of summer.

#1 - Popular dates fill up FAST.

If you don't know, Fall is what we photographers call our busy season. We prepare for it all year and work our tails off during it. Why? Well, first of all, the changing colors of leaves photograph so beautifully and create a stunning backdrop for your family photos. They add an extra layer of depth and warmth to your images. And with the holidays right around the corner and another year coming to an end, fall makes for the perfect time to update those yearly family photos. A lot of people have caught onto the idea which makes fall by far the busiest time of year for us photographers, often times doubling or tripling our bookings compared to the rest of the year.

As a natural light photographer, I choose to only photograph families durning golden hour...the hour right before sunset. So, even with opening up more days in my calendar, that only leaves 4 spots available to book each week...2 on the weekends and 2 on weeknights. And prime time fall colors fall in the month of October her in PA, so if you're looking to book a weekend shoot in October with me, you have a 1 in 7 opportunity to do so.

The early bird gets the worm! Booking your session right now, while many people haven't yet thought about booking their fall shoot ensures that you secure a prime date that likely wouldn't be available had you of chosen to wait.

#2 Life picks back up in Fall

For just a moment lets glance into the months leading into fall. Teacher's assignments come in, back to school shopping begins, your children's sports teams start practicing again, you begin to prepare for the upcoming holidays, the first day of school, updated fall wardrobes for our growing children, the list goes on. The fact is, fall is a busy time for everyone. Unfortunately I've seen it time and time again where a family forgets to schedule their fall session with their favorite photographer, they remember last minute, and their photographer is fully booked.

It's my goal as your photographer to educate you and give you that little push you need so that won't end up happening to you! So I always recommend doing it when things are a little bit slower before life starts to pick back up again.

#3 Time to prepare

Having your photos taken means lots a preparation. From choosing your color scheme, to selecting outfits, and haircuts...It can feel overwhelming to do it all at the last minute. Trying to squeeze your boys in for a last minute haircut may just not be possible and having to find coordinating outfits that fit everyone nicely can be a pain if left to the last minute, especially when you're trying to juggle everything that comes with this busy time of year.

Getting your photoshoot on the books now will not only allow you plenty of time to prepare, but it also gives you the opportunity to schedule haircuts and make any other needed arrangements. Save yourself the stress and allow yourself to enjoy the process.

#4 Get those holiday cards done early!

One of the biggest reasons people choose to have fall photos taken are for their holiday cards. Getting scheduled for a shoot earlier in the season will mean getting your gallery of images done sooner. So why not get those holiday cards printed before the holiday rush even begins.

So, there you have it! Hopefully you're now realizing that we aren't just crazy trying to get you to book a session 3 months in advance. The reality is that the fall months will be here before we know it, and I honestly can't think of a reason NOT to book your fall session right now before your busy just trying to keep uo! And, as a way of thanking you for doing just that I'm offering an incentive to you early birds who book this summer. Make sure to get on my mailing list for an offer that you won't want to miss!

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