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For Families looking for a modern and laid back approach to photography

I can confidently say that time is a thief. One minute your babies fit perfectly cradled into your arms and the next their legs are dangling to your knees while you hold them. Chunky cheeks and gummy smiles turn into smiles with gaps from lost teeth then turn into a smile filled with braces. It all happens so fast and we can't ever get back those moments that are stuck in the past.
Or can we?
I believe that photography is a true gift, the only one that allows us to take a moment and freeze it forever. To be able to look back in time and remember exactly how that cheeky smile looked. To see the way your children snuggled into you while you held them, to see the love you held for them in that moment in your eyes.

I use my art to capture those moments authentically, and that is exactly what you can expect from a family session with me. A gallery were every image is attached to a raw emotion. Where you can look back on your images and them be attached to fun memories and a wonderful photography experience. 

I promise to honor your families spirt, to see you for who you are, and to capture your in a beautifully authentic way.
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Untitled (5.5 × 5.5 in)-11.png

What Clients are Saying 

"We ended up with photos we will cherish forever"

"Stephanie was very easy to work with. She was so patient with our busy toddler and made taking photos of him look effortless. She was able to capture our family so naturally and we ended up with photos that we will cherish forever. I definitely recommend Stephanie Vaccaro Photography and will utilize Stephanie for future family photos."

- Laura D.

More Client Love 

"She made us all feel very comfortable as she started snapping away"

"Stephanie was referred to us through a mutual friend. Immediately she made us all feel very comfortable as she started snapping away. She has a very natural way to get the best picture! Her “third eye” for lighting is incredible and the fact she got my angsty teenage daughter to genuinely hug me was a an absolute bonus! The turn around time for the pictures was quick and they were better than we could of imagined!"

- Mandee Q.


Cake Smash

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Untitled (5.5 × 5.5 in)-8.png

Celebrate your babies first year with a cake smash photoshoot!

Where has the time gone? 
Your baby is already turning ONE!

I love celebrating this huge milestone with a cake smash photoshoot! I'll capture all of your little ones details as they explore their first little birthday cake!