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I'm Stephanie & I am so excited that your search has led you here. There are few things I love more than capturing moments in an authentic way that otherwise would have been lost in time. I take a modern and realistic approach to photography keeping sessions fun and laid back. I value love and human connection over everything,  a believer that every woman is beautiful (and will make you see it too!), and that photography is a gift that should be cherished and shared.


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How it all Started

How it all started

The first time I can remember experimenting with photography was a class that I had taken in high school. It was that moment almost 12 years ago that I fell in love with the art of capturing digital film. Since then I have gotten married and had two beautiful children, Kailyn who is six, and Logan who is three. Over the years these guys have been my little models. I couldn't help but want to capture every little detail and moment in time. Time was flying by way too fast and I needed to photograph it so that one day my husband, our children, and I could flip through old photo albums together and look back on these precious memories that otherwise may have been forgotten. Yes, even the stages where their hair grew in funny, gaps in smiles from lost teeth, and clothes we will one day look back on and wonder "what were we thinking?"Yes, these will be the photos that we will be so grateful to have, and I want you to have that same experience with your family. 2020 was a pivotal year for me, I was busy doing all the things; working full time, working out, trying to keep up with laundry (never happened by the way), cooking, and cleaning, you know, all the Mom things. I was so busy trying to keep up that I didn't even realize how unfulfilled I was in my career. The pandemic allowed me the time to slow down and really focus on my passions in life and I felt a deep calling to pursue photography. I began taking classes and put my whole heart into learning as much as I possibly could and developed my skill. I live by the YOLO mentality so decided it was time to take a leap of faith and follow my heart. Photography has given me a creative outlet, and I use that outlet to provide families like yours with photos that feel different than photos they've had taken before. My photos are authentic, raw, warm, moody, and connected at the core. I have completely fallen in love with seeing how a family connects with one another and I aim to capture that connection in every image. It's important to me to keep my photoshoots light, relaxed, and playful, this  allows me to capture the natural beauty of your family unit in a genuine and authentic way.

-29 years old
- 3 tattoos & counting 

- Lover of plants - and I own a lot of them
- can shoot a 3 pointer with the best of em 🏀 
- lover of cheeseburgers & any kind of potato
-cyclepath 🚲
- dancing in my kitchen is one of my favorite hobbies 
- day job = childcare 
- I hate doing laundry
- true night owl 
- on a journey of self love + acceptance & I want that for you too
- sunset chaser 
- obsessed with connection 
- I love photographing children, they are my favorite subjects
- I own an excessive amount of pajamas 
- coffee by day & gin & tonics by night 



Family Over Everything

These guys right here <<< are my whole world. They are my why. They are why I am so passionate about photography. See that little girl right there? It feels like just yesterday she made me a Mother, I can remember every moment of her birth just like it was yesterday. See that handsome little boy? When he was a baby he had the cutest little chubby cheeks, but now their gone. Now he has what my husband and I call "a big kid face". You see, life is FAST. It flies by day in and day out & sometimes it feels like we can hardly catch our breath. One minute our children are babies and the next they are having babies of thier own. Photography is the only opportunity we are given to pause time. To see those wrinkles down our newborns back and freeze it, to capture a kiss between you and your partner and hold that embrace for a lifetime. Without photography, could we look back and remember exactly how our babies looked, I'd like to think we could, but the reality is, probably not. As I said earlier, photography is a gift, given to us by the world. I've made it my life passion to take this beautiful talent I've been given, master it and spread it out to the world. To freeze time for every family that allows me to do so. 

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